Bee honey from the company "Agroprom Impex"

LLC "Agroprom Impex" follows the rule of strict implementation of the obligations undertaken, both for the purchase of honey and for its dispatch. The company seeks to build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with reliable suppliers of honey.

As you know bee honey is a unique product with a lot of medicinal properties. It consists of 80% glucose and fructose, and also contains vitamins B (B1, B2, B6), E, K, C, folic acid and provitamin A-carotene. Let us also recall the useful features of this unique gift of nature known to all:

  • Honey helps to strengthen immunity;
  • Stimulates the appetite;
  • Possesses wound healing property;
  • And also has a sedative effect.

Depending on the origin honey is divided into floral and honeydew. Flower honey, in turn, is divided into monoflorous - collected mainly from one particular plant species, and polyflora (mixed) - collected from different plant species.

The company "Agroprom Impex" is purchase flower honey. Carrying out a thorough laboratory analysis, the company specialists reject a product that does not meet certain physicochemical parameters. Thanks to this careful selection of honey, which "Agroprom Impex" LLC exports, can rightfully be called a real Ukrainian product of the best quality. After obligatory homogenization honey are packaged in a special food container, the size of which is agreed with the customer.

LLC "Agroprom Impex" delivers both polyflora (flower) honey and monoflora honey. The most popular types of products are:

  • Sunflower honey;
  • Rapeseed honey;
  • Acacia honey;
  • Lime honey;
  • Buckwheat honey.

The quality of the exported products is confirmed by the certificates and permits of the relevant monitoring services.

If you are interested in quality Ukrainian honey from a reliable supplier, please contact our manager and specify the questions of interest.

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